Flights launching from Flying Camp or SVS properties that land on Tennessee Tree Toppers property WILL NOT BE TOLERATED”

As stated in previous announcements, all pilots who launch from any SVS/Flying Camp launches at Henson or Whitwell are forbidden from landing in our Henson Gap landing zone (LZ).   This has been our current policy and remains unchanged.

Flight activities on our properties including the LZ are routinely monitored and unauthorized landings on our property will not be tolerated.  Member penalties include membership suspension or revocation.  Non-members will be charged with trespassing.  Local Law Enforcement is prepared to respond.

For more insight:  Flying Camp message,  TTT responsePDF

TTT/USHPA members should read: USHPA 2021 Insurance Exclusions

The information below was sent to USHPA members on April 14, 2021.