The Fence – Things we would like you to know.

Our Board of Directors recently voted and approved the construction of a fence on the south side of our Henson Gap property.   Specifics are provided below:

  • There are NO club funds being used for this fence, it is paid for by donations.
  • The boarded part of the fence is strictly for privacy, for both associations.
  • There will be ample open area for members of both associations to move freely between properties near the launch areas
  • Months ago, last year, we voted to move the garbage bins away from the bathhouse a new location along our South property line on the old road bed.  This was needed because the trash storage area was in need of repair and it was time to build another, away from the bathhouse.  Some members were not fond of the snake that would slither in and out of the bathroom without giving notice. The new site would make it easier for those removing the trash to back up to the bins and load it in their trucks.
  • We thought it rude to place the garbage cans right in front of our neighbor’s faces and we thought a fence would be appropriate.
  • More recently, we noticed that many new pilots were coming from the neighbors to fly at the TTT launch. When asked if they were members, they replied, “I’m a member of SVS” and said that thought that SVS owned all of the property. We explained to them that we are a not-for-profit club and they must join the club to fly.  These pilots understood and now we have some new members!
  • After these types of incidents we once again thought of the fence idea.  Our signage either gets knocked down or disappears.  We thought signs on the fence welcoming pilots, inviting them to enjoy our property, see our launches and then possibly becoming members, would work out better.

In summary, the objectives of the fence are:

  • To clearly indicate delineation of the property line between two entities
  • To make all pilots aware of this delineation for clarification regarding membership required to fly specific sites
  • To encourage non-members (commercial tandem passengers, etc.) to join the club so that they and their guests can enjoy our facilities and support the club
  • To reduce tensions by obstructing view of the shop area
  • To maintain visibility of all launches from either side for safety
  • To leave the beauty of the property near launch areas undisturbed
  • To maintain easy access for members of both associations
  • To encourage SVS members to join the TTT
  • To allow our current Tennessee Tree Topper members to experience the “quiet enjoyment” to which their membership entitles them.