Sequatchie Skies – June 4, 2020 –

Saturday was a good day! Kathy Lee reported climbs to cloudbase at about 4500 over. She and Steve flew hang gliders, albeit the stiff variety, along with more softly framed wings over Jeff Dodgen, Jeff, Laughrey, and Julie Julian. Biwingual James Stinnett flew his paraglider from Henson’s to Lookout. Other paraglider pilots were noticed in the air, but they’re not talking, and so shall remain nameless. Kenny and I saw a couple specked on our way over the mountain to Lake Chickamauga with boat in tow. Getting the dry storage contract going by June was critical, but after a short ride up the river to Steve’s Landing on Soddy Creek, we agreed over ribs and catfish that we should be flying.

If activity on the river and in the air was any indication, at least the fear of COVID-19 infection seems to have somewhat subsided. Social distancing was probably better practiced aerially than aquatically. We saw lots of boats loaded to capacity with partying bikinis, and there’s just not that much room on most of those vessels. Besides, the bigger the boat, the bigger the party, with social distance still simply unavailable. We can at least hope that we’re turning the corner, not setting up a new explosion of contagion. It’s at least obvious that people are eager to get outside and spend some money, which may portend well for economic recovery. While it’s obvious that these have been challenging economic times for many, it is often in such times of crisis that opportunity presents itself. Now is no exception, but such opportunities are also often quickly opening and closing windows.

Remember, right now and for a few more days, the window is open for your purchase of a TTT Life Membership during the bylaws revision defacto Life Membership Sale. While present mathematical justification of the cost would take ten years of annual memberships, after revision it will only be seven… if you took advantage of the sale price! Waiting another two weeks to purchase the TTT Life Membership in the proposed new dues schedule likely stretches that realization of value to fourteen years, twice what it is for you right now! Already a Life Member? Please consider contribution through our TTT 200 or Adopt-a-Payment campaigns. We’re within a few dozen grand of paying for the brilliant Burnside Launch, much less once we’ve secured the FFF grant. Let’s get it done!

The forecast calls for southwesterly winds with precip probability reaching better than even today and tomorrow. Northerly and soarable Saturday. Northeast by Sunday with increasing cloudiness. Southeast and soarable for Whitwell Monday and Tuesday under continued cloudy skies. Increasing chances of rain Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. Southwest with a good chance of rain Wednesday. Veering to northwesterly Thursday through Saturday. With three soarable windows at two sites this week, get to the mountain, keep your distance, and maybe we’ll…

See you in the sky!