Revised 4/9/2020

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This is a H3 / P4 site. It is a cliff launch. First mountain flights are absolutely prohibited.

Basic Info Map and Directions
Coordinates 35.207422 -85.539632
Wind Direction Ideal-150° OK in light winds – 120°-180°
Wind Velocity HG Min 0, Ideal 5-10, Max 20mph
PG Min 5, Ideal 5-15, Max 20mph
Elevation MSL 2,300 feet
Elevation AGL 1,450 feet
Glide to 1st Baptist Church LZ 5.5:1
Glide to Castle’s LZ 4.5:1
PG Rating/skills P4, or P3 with prior approval and authorized observer present

USHPA/TTT Ratings and Skills Requirements

  • Hang Gliding Minimum Rating and Skills
    • Minimum rating of Hang Gliding Intermediate (H3)
    • Cliff Launch (CL) and/or Assisted Windy Cliff Launch (AWCL) skills.
  • Paragliding
    • Minimum rating of Paragliding Intermediate (P3) with authorized safety observer present during each launch, and approval prior to flight activities by Board of Director or Flight Regulatory Program (FRP) committee.
    • Cliff Launch (CL) and/or Assisted Windy Cliff Launch (AWCL) skills.

Flight Requirements and Restrictions

  • You must read and understand our Flight Regulatory Program (FRP) requirements before flying club sites. The FRP is available at the Henson Gap clubhouse and on this web site. Pilots attempting to fly at Whitwell who violate these requirements are subject to censure.
  • You must be a current Tennessee Tree Topper Member in good standing with a current USHPA membership and required rating and skills.
  • Tandem flights and first mountain flights are prohibited at Whitwell
  • Hang Gliding Pilots should use side wire assistants in winds exceeded 8mph and a keel assistant in winds exceeding 12mph.

Safety Considerations

  • If you do not climb above launch immediately, head to the landing zone. Often there are thermals out front and lift may be found on the way out.
  • Caution should always be exercised regarding glide to closest available LZ.
  • DO NOT LAND DURING SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES at the Whitwell 1st Baptist Church LZ (between 9:45am to 12:00pm CT. Land elsewhere during this period. Because the LZ is a church’s back yard, please refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages, profanity, and other questionable activity. Exhibit respect for the landowners who choose to be so generously hospitable to us.