Revised 5/23/2020

Site Briefing

If you are a visiting pilot or new club member and you have not yet flown at a Tennessee Tree Topper site, you will need to arrange for a site briefing.

During the briefing, you’ll meet with a local pilot and learn important safety information.   To contact somone about a briefing, complete and submit the form included below.  Several members who live near the Henson Gap launch have volunteered to provide this service and will receive an email via the form.  Someone will respond.  You may bring a printed and signed membership application, waiver and payment when you arrive at the briefing site, but please complete it ahead of time.

Before requesting a site briefing, first please be certain that you meet all the requirements:

  • Your USHPA membership is current
  • You have the ratings and skills require to fly the site for which you are requesting a briefing
  • You have completed and submitted a membership application and waiver or promise to bring a completed membership application and signed waiver along with payment to the site briefing.
  • You have read and understand the following website information:

To contact our site briefing volunteers via email, please complete the form below.   We do not store any information you provide on our website.