Visiting & New Member Pilots

Tennessee Tree Toppers, inc. is a chapter member of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA).

We welcome visiting pilots and new members. Due to insurance requirements, every pilot or student flying or training at our sites must be a current USHPA member.  Membership in the Tennessee Tree Toppers club is also required. Visiting pilots may purchase a 30-day membership option. See our Membership page for more information.

Before your first flight at any of our sites, you must be familiar with our Pilot Information, Flight Regulatory Program requirements, and Site Information (Henson Gap and Whitwell) and you should request a site briefing.  Site briefings are required for first flights by Novice (H2,P2) pilots at Henson Gap and (H3,P3) pilots at Whitwell.

If you are a foreign pilot visiting from another country and not a USHPA member, you must provide an International Pilot Proficiency Information (IPPI) Card, issued by your national association, in lieue of USHPA credentials. Additionally, liability insurance must be purchased through USHPA. This can be accomplished by contacting a local USHPA-certified instructor to obtain a temporary 30-day USHPA membership.

Potential Students and Aspiring Pilots

If you are moved by the dream of soaring flight and want to pursue flight training, we would welcome you as a new member of our club.   You would join the ranks of  hundreds of pilots with centuries of combined flight experience, friends who understand your journey.   Since 1974, our members have been welcoming, protecting, promoting and celebrating Free Flight lovers like you.

Flight Instruction

Although our club does not offer instruction, students under the supervision of  USHPA-certified instructors who have been authorized by our Board of Directors may fly our sites.  These independent providers may provide introductory and continuing training for those pursuing the skills and ratings necessary to advance as proficient and safe pilots. We offer a 30-day membership, and Tandem instructors can provide each student passenger with a 30-day USHPA temporary membership.