Revised 4/12/2022

Membership – Join or Renew

As stated in the Bylaws, member applications must be approved by the board of directors. Any board member may provide temporary approval which will remain in effect until the board meets to approve the application.  We recommend that you join before you intend to visit and fly our sites.

You may apply for or renew your membership by using our online application process or by mailing a printed paper form. Before submitting an application, you should become familiar with our Flight Regulatory Program. We offer 30-Day ($40), Annual ($150), 5-Year ($600), Family ($100 per additional family member) and Lifetime ($2000) Memberships. Be aware that online payments via Paypal include an additional 4% fee.

Online Application (complete ALL steps below in sequence)

  1. Click here Complete an Application/Waiver – your browser will redirect to
  2. Confirm your email address – open the email sent to you after you complete the waiver and click on ‘Confirm Email Address’ – your browser will be returned to this website. A link to download the waiver will be emailed to you. The waiver link will expire after three days.
  3. Pay with Paypal (select from membership options below)
Membership Options

Click here if you prefer to print out a paper form to mail in  Fill Out and print a Paper Membership Application

You’ll need to open and print Portable Document Format (PDF) from your browser or with Adobe Reader software.

Print the application and complete it. Please write legibly.  Areas formatted in red are required.  Include payment by check or money order and mail to:

Tennessee Tree Toppers
PO Box 1286
Dunlap, TN 37327 

Applications sent by mail may take up to two weeks to process so if you plan to fly sooner, you should arrange to meet a board member and submit the application in person.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact our membership coordinator using the form link below.

Membership Coordinator Contact Form

For New Members: Before your first flight at any of our sites, you must first be familiar with our Pilot Information, Flight Regulatory Program requirements, and Site Information (Henson Gap and Whitwell) and you should request a site briefing.  Site briefings are required for first flights by Novice (H2,P2) pilots at Henson Gap and (H3,P3) pilots at Whitwell.

Site Briefing Information