Bylaws Revision Ratified – Membership Dues Increase – The TTT bylaws revision ballots had been collected and remained unopened until the time of the count. The TTT Bylaws chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, counted the bylaws revision ballots on Thursday evening June 11th. The Membership committee chairperson provided an updated membership list to validate ballots against. Each member ballot was referred against the 06/11/20 membership list and a couple against the 05/25/20 list. Results are as follows:

Last date mail retrieved: 06/11/20
Last date ballots received: 06/05/20
Members as of 06/11/2020 list: 166
Total Ballots received: 42 25% of members
Ballots validated: 42
YES Votes 31 73.8% of ballots
NO Votes 7 16.7 % of ballots
neither Yes nor No Votes 4 9.5 % of ballots

The TTT bylaws revision has passed, been ratified and revised.   Membership applications received from the BOD meeting date Saturday June 13 forward will be subject to the new dues pricing.

Life $2000
5 Year $600
Annual $150
Family Annual $100 (per additional member)
30 Day $40