Lifetime Membership Sale –

The proposed 2020 Bylaws revision, now under consideration by the membership, presents a unique opportunity for a limited time. When the Board of Directors meets in June to confirm the likely approval, it’s likely this chance will be gone forever. With membership approval, the cost of Life Memberships will double, so the calculation of value has never been better, nor will it ever be better again. Here’s the math:

  • Present Bylaws (old status quo)- $1000 Life Membership / $100 Annual Membership = 10 years to pay for itself.
  • Present Life vs. Future Annual (new opportunity)– $1000 present life membership / $150 future annual membership = 6.66 (7) years to pay for itself under new dues schedule.
  • 2020 Proposed Bylaws (future status quo)- $2000 Life Membership / $150 Annual Membership = 13.33 years to pay for itself = 14 years because there’s no four-month (.33 year) membership.

This is an intelligent deal, even if a loan with the low present interest rate is necessary. Furthermore, our finance committee has agreed to consider applying a feasible amount of income thus generated against the principal of our Burnside Launch loan, better balancing our budget and allowing moderation of our present austerity program sooner rather than later. It will at least help make the payments, whatever their decision. The club would certainly benefit from revenue right now, as evidenced by the bylaws revision presenting this opportunity.

If you foresee seven seasons of active free flight in Tree Topper land, then help yourself and the club. Mail your completed Membership Application (with Life Membership indicated, of course) and $1000 dues check or money order to TTT Membership, PO Box 1286, Dunlap, Tennessee 37327.