Revised 05/13/2022

A New kind of Competition!

We all know how unpredictable the weather can be, especially when we try to have a competition.  For this competition we would like to try a new approach.  It will be a 2022 season-long event to run from May 1st through October 31st, with a party in the final week of the competition.  We’ll announce the party details later this season.

We want the competition to be easy for both our volunteers and our pilots.

Cost – The only cost is your membership.  The pilot must be a Lifetime, 5-year, Annual, or Annual Family membership.

Who – Each competitor must be a Tennessee Tree Toppers member and USHPA member in good standing before signing up for the competition and must stay current for the duration of the event.  We encourage pilots to fly together and mentor the less experienced pilots whenever possible.

Where – You can make as many flights as you would like, from any site. Just log your flights and register them <coming soon>At least two of your flights must be from a Tennessee Tree Toppers owned launch. We highly encourage but don’t require track logs – we are going with trust on this. Distance can be out and returns, triangles, open distance.

Scoring – Purpose of this scoring system is to normalize pilot rating and glider categories.  Points can be scored either by distance OR duration.  The total score will be the sum of your best 25 flights.

Distance / Pilot Rating / Glider Category = points OR Duration = points


  • Distance points
    • 40 miles / 4 / 3 = 3.3 points  if the pilot flew 40 miles as an H4, flying a double surface w/kingpost. or
    • 40 miles / 3 / 3 = 4.4 points if the pilot flew 40 miles as a P3, flying a B Glider
  •  Duration points
    • .25 hours = .25 points
    • 3.3 hours = 3.3 points

Pilot Rating Factor:

  • 2 = Novice (H2, P2)
  • 3 = Intermediate (H3, P3)
  • 4 = H4/H5, P4/P5

Glider Category Factor:

  • 2 = Single Surface (SS) hang glider or EN-A paraglider
  • 3 = Double Surface (DS) kingposted hang glider or EN-B paraglider
  • 4 – Topless hang glider or EN-C paraglider
  • 5 – Rigid hang glider or EN-D paraglider

Surprise bonus points will be awarded – don’t ask – that’s why they call it a surprise.

Please check back on our website and Facebook for updates.

For questions: TTT Competition Committee

We’ve created a Competition website where you can now can Register your flights and view registered flight information and scores