Club Spirit & Volunteerism –

Club spirit and volunteering is something for which we have always applauded our members. This spring I would really like to thank the volunteers that have been taking care of our lawn maintenance.

Tom Prouhet is our maintenance director.  If you’ve noticed how well our Henson’s hang gliding and paragliding launch are maintained, you can thank Tom.  He spends countless hours mowing, clearing brush and tree debris and spends hours and hours of leaf control, plus all his other maintenance duties.  Tom keeps our launches looking like a State Park.

Steve and Kathy Lee have been hauling their tractor down the mountain to keep the upper LZ mowed.  Kathy drives the mower while Steve runs a weed whacker keeping the perimeter and parking area clean.  Steve also has been working on clearing out some of the fence line on Warner‘s property.  It’s a full day’s work each time they do it.

Dan Shell has been for years keeping our Shady Bottom campsite and parking area meticulously groomed and litter cleaned up.  He continues to take out small trees and enlarge it on a regular basis.  Dan also keeps our creek front property cleared and easily accessible.  Both properties are located in the extreme north east corner of our landing field tucked in amongst the trees.  A trail to the creek leaves from the campground.  If you have never been to these areas you should check them out, they are your club assets.   There is a drive into Shady Bottom located on Henson Gap road across from Graham Road.  The yellow chain has the same lock code as launch.

If you see any of these dedicated members, or any of our other volunteers, give them a pat on the back and a thank you.  We wouldn’t be here without them.

Mark Dunn

President, Tennessee Tree Toppers