Response to the latest Hanning post – 5.1.2021

Dave Hanning/Flying Camp/SVS are a commercial operation whether they charge you to fly there or not. As a commercial flight park, it is their responsibility to provide you the necessary facilities to function. This includes a landing area. Use of the TTT landing field is not an entitlement to Flying Camp, SVS or the USHPA. Use of the TTT landing field is available to all TTT members in good standing that are abiding by our regulations. If you fly from Flying Camp, please do not abuse our good neighbors’ property or ours, but land in fields Flying Camp has permission to use.

Like all TTT projects, the TTT Henson Gap LZ was purchased through the hard work of many dedicated TTT members (some of whom are still on the board) in cooperation with Erich Woerner, our good neighbor. No one person can take the credit.

For years, Dave Hanning has repeatedly lied, and encouraged illegal activities and incited vandalism against the TTT. The Board of Directors does not think it’s wise to enter into contracts with this type of person. If Dave wants to improve relations with the TTT, he should tend to his own business and leave us alone. If he would start operating in an honorable manner, the healing could begin. Until then, all we ask is to be left alone by Mr. Hanning and to end his campaign bent on undermining the Tennessee Tree Toppers.