Spring is not that far away here in the Sequatchie valley. Here are a few pictures of what spring looks like on our property along Henson Creek across the road from our lower LZ (2019).  When spring arrives take a few moments to enjoy the beauty of the property that is yours as a club member.


Speaking of spring I was fortunate enough to catch a rare spring day in January.  4600’ over launch and a climb rate of close to 1000’/minute.  The lift was going higher but my fingers felt like they were turning blue.  I began to spiral down after realizing that it was still wintertime. Big lift and smooth air, hopefully a sign of a great flying year ahead — come join us and get your share!

Now let’s get to some real club business. Here is a list of your new board of directors and executive committee:

Mark (Curly) Dunn, President
H: (423) 949-4965
C: (423)304-8818

Kenny Sandifer, Vice-President
Julie Julian, Treasurer
Anne Horgan, Secretary
James Anderson
Katie Dunn
JC Goodwin
Jeff Laughrey
Terry Presley
Tom Prouhet
Tyson Richmond
Adrian Sanchez
Dan Shell
Reid Sparks
Charlie Yowell

As club president I want to hear from anyone who has questions, thoughts or suggestions.  Please feel free to contact me via email or phone at any time.  If you leave a message, I will return the call.

There is much that we need to communicate to our members this year.  I will be asking committee chairs to keep you informed with upcoming club affairs.  Please check the website and your email from time to time to stay informed on important club issues.

Unfortunately, one of the first pieces of information that we have to pass along this year is to announce the passing of Mike Nash.

Mike was an early and longtime life member of the Tree Topper organization. He was heavily involved with the early years of the club. He also was a major player in the building of our pavilion, assisted with the conservation easement on the landing area, and provided the bronze plaque on the wall outside the clubhouse.  In the last few years he had a lot to do with getting the Burnside property purchase underway. He served on the board of directors several times and then became an honorary board member for many years.  We are thankful that we had Mike in the club for his many years of service and appreciate his years of being a dedicated member.

Will miss you Mike and we’ll see you in the sky.

Mark Dunn, TTT President