Congratulations to Jaro Krupa, Austin Kasserman and Chris Lee, who all surpassed our state record on September 9, 2021.  This replaces James Stinnett’s state and Burnside record which was done in 2020.

We haven’t heard if there were other record-breaking flights.  We have heard that Jaro went roughly 130 miles and Austin about 120 miles.  Chris Lee set a Tennessee Tree Toppers Burnside launch record at 104.4 miles.  Congratulate these guys when you see them – it was an awesome day with awesome accomplishments that highlight the potential of XC flights in the SE.

Here are some quick stats from Chris Lee’s flight:

4:58hr duration
179.8km/111.5mi XC distance (through three turn points)
104.4mi/168km straight line distance
Max altitude 7402’

Details of Chris Lee’s flight can be seen at: